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Steelite are Sponsoring The British Street Food Awards

8 June 2016

This year we are proud and excited to be sponsoring the British Street Food Awards which was founded in 2009 by food journalist Richard Johnson - voted one of London’s most influential people. The awards were set up to recognise and champion the best street food and vendors up and down the country which is an open house for food and hospitality lovers, new starters and people wanting to experience the trends and engage in an exciting event! 

Street-food is an inspirational food trend that is having such a massive influence on the eating out market and hospitality trends in the UK. It has been widely considered the most important trend in British food for years - and it’s showing no signs of slowing, continuing to leak into bricks and mortar concepts. Annual revenue from street food in the UK is over £600million and the market’s growing 20% per year. 

During the British Street food Awards we wish to inspire and add value to companies by linking to innovation outside of our physical product. We aim to aid people on their journey to creating the most engaging food experiences by building relationships with brands and maintaining our reputation as a forward thinking business. 


2016 sees the launch of four regional heats where the UK’s best traders will be serving up their signature dishes in an effort to reach the grand final in the autumn. During the final they will be judged by a panel of celebrity foodies and chefs. Members of the public can also vote for their favourite traders via the British Street Food app. 

Key dates: 

•13/15 May - Wales and the West Heat in Bristol 

•25/26 June - Scotland and the North Heat in Leeds 

•8/10 July - South and East Heat in London 

6/7 August - Ireland heat in Derry 

FINAL September - (Timing and Venue to be confirmed) 

We look forward to giving you content from the regional heats and final, stay tuned! 

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